The Beginning of The Apollos Project

The Apollos Project has grown out of my story. I grew up in a Christian home in Birmingham, Alabama. I believe I genuinely came to Christ at an early age. However, intellectual questions in my high school years almost sunk my faith. I know what it is like to wrestle with doubts. Thankfully, those questions were answered as a college student by the Christian campus group at Brown University.

Given the need of New England for the gospel, I felt called to stay and help plant a church in the RI area. Columbia International University gave me my theological training.

Sharon and I were blessed with four beautiful children and great friends who also wanted to disciple their children. But when we looked around, we saw some great Christian parenting resources but not much  to help us pass the gospel baton to our children. And so, with our friends, we began reading, thinking, and praying. These insights form the basis of our seminars and writing. They come from 25 years of preaching, studying the Word, and studying our children. We have made every kind of mistake there is. But by God’s grace, we believe God has given us some insight as well.

And then in 2012, after 25 years of pastoring this church, God clearly called us to step out in faith and pursue the ministry of The Apollos Project full-time.

The Vital Need

At seminar and after seminar, I hear personal stories of young adults who have walked away from their faith. Conservative estimates put the percentage at between 40-50%. Whether the actual percentage is smaller or larger, no percentage is acceptable for my family! How about yours? Could the problem come from a lack clear and biblical thinking in this vital area?

Instead of falling away or just lukewarm, I long to see our children be like Apollos of old: well-taught in the Scriptures, eloquent, zealous, humble, and courageous in spreading the gospel and building up the church (Acts 18:24-28).

We Equip Families in Family Discipleship

As a new parent, I found lots of great resources in parenting. But none helped me with my greatest goal – passing the gospel to my children so that they would follow the Lord as adults. We equip parents in this area.

1. The Disciple-Making Parent seminar  – How to disciple your children so that they will not be a casualty in the spiritual battle.

2. Parenting with Confidence seminar – Basic biblical teaching on the vital subject parenting. While aimed at parents of younger children, it is applicable to parents of all ages.

Chap has literally spent a lifetime asking these questions, thinking about their answers and equipping youth, their parents, their churches. He has a gift for simplifying each area.
Bauer, Senior Pastor, Crossway Church, Franklin, MA

We Equip Families with Apologetics and Worldview

Growing up in a Christian home, I had lots of unanswered questions about the faith. We want to answer those questions early. We do this through:

1. Conducting 7 Question Seminars around the country.

2. Helping Competitive Apologetics Speakers.

I used your curriculum and the growth in spiritual understanding in multiple kids has been amazing.
Mike, NC

We Equip Churches to Make Their Church Family Friendly

For twenty-five years, I had the privilege of leading a church that intentionally equipped families to make disciples in their families. I understand the challenges of church leadership. The church can be structured in a way to encourage the God-given role of the parent. I would love to help coach you and your church.


Today Kara, Chapman, Rebekah, and Nate are 24, 22 , 20, 18. We are toward the end of our discipleship journey. But we would love to share with you what we have learned.  I hope this site and these thoughts will help you disciple your children!

Articles Published on Other Sites

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Chap is not only a good speaker, he is brimming with biblical knowledge and practical wisdom. Our men were impacted in formative ways through his teaching. I wholeheartedly recommend him. Chap is a man you can trust.
Dr. David King, Concord Baptist Church


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