Just yesterday, we celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday. At one time, one-half of the Unites States embraced slavery and it was the law of the land. Today it is an anathema in our country.

Today, a larger portion of our country still embraces abortion on demand. But I believe that one day, our country will also look back on this time as a period of barbarianism.

But today the fight must go on. And that means preparing to educate for another 40 years. And there is no better way to educated than a picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. On this, the 40th anniversary, of Roe v. Wade, you can and should educate yourself as to what his happening in our country.

At this page, there are six links in the middle of the page. Click to enlarge. You can do this. You should do this. At least today. At least now. And then pray. And then show them to your children or show them to your parents. And then show them to someone else.

And then resolve to say before God and man, “I will rescue those who being led away to perish (Prov 24;11 ). I will look after the least of these (Matthew 25:40).”