The Fearless Apologetics Resources

This material helped me do what I wanted to do, disciple my daughter before she left home.

The Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook

This student workbook is specifically designed to help with competitive apologetics. We include an introduction to this event, sample cards. The most helpful part of the workbook is rearranging the multitude of questions into 24 topics and then linking each question to readings in the Scriptures, theology book, and online articles. Used by students all over the country!

The Fearless Apologetics Coach’s Workbook

Chap’s lecture notes in your hands! Chap started teaching a club over 10 years ago. He has mastered how to trim down the content to present to those just starting this event. And now his lecture notes can be yours! Suggestions for running a camp are also included.

The Fearless Apologetics Videos

Twenty-four 1/2 hour videos that sync with the Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook and Coach’s Guide. You can have a teacher and pastor come right into your club or your living room at a very reasonable price.

The Fearless Apologetics Camps

One or two day camps that come to you! Inspire and equip the students in your club and in your region.

The Fearless Apologetics Webinars

Regular free webinars designed to equip you as the coach or your students.

The Coach’s Forum

Parent coaches, we want to make you successful. We have a forum just for Fearless Coaches! You gain access with your purchase. Visit our Forum!