“Your curriculum is what I used as a basis for teaching apologetics for our speech club last fall. We have probably finished about the half the cards, but the growth in spiritual understanding in multiple kids has been amazing. Many parents have commented that their children have shown an increased interest in spiritual things. My daughter and one other person from our club competed in apologetics at the first qualifier in Region IX last month, and both qualified for the regional tournament. With incomplete boxes and large gaps in terms of topics studied, it was a faith venture for both of them. Thanks for providing the material we needed to engage apologetics this year.” – Mike

“Thank you so much for providing students such terrific tools.” Donna, VA

“I’m just another parent feeling grateful and thankful you have been gifted to pare down the NCFCA apologetics questions into a not so overwhelming task.” Vicki, TX

we LOVE the curriculum! we’re using it in our “class”. another mom and i are teaching from it and we started using her copy. i really love the video (from the sample) and will eventually order those as well…..my older girls competed in apologetics and i’m sooooo excited to have this material to teach my younger one. your book makes it so organized and easy to understand!! our class is mostly juniors who are getting a head start and your organization of the material makes it way more “do-able” and not so overwhelming. thank you much, your ministry is an incredible blessing!! Janine, CO