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Thankfulness and Gratitude in the NT – A Quick Verse Bible Study

Giving thanks is seen in Scripture as a duty of men and women to the one who gives us all things. It is a fruit of the Spirit and of having a converted heart. The following verses are taken only from the NT and do not begin to touch this rich theme in the OT.

Giving thanks is seen as an offering to God. Read and write out the following verses. How does this change your view of this topic?

17:16-18 What did Jesus do? What was the appropriate response?

4:9  What is happening now in heaven?

13:15 What are we to do? What is it called?

Col 3:17 How do we live this out?

2 Cor 9:12 What was the result of their generosity?

Notice what was on Paul’s mind first […]

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Dan Darling: The Characters of Christmas

Are you rushing around getting ready for the holiday season? Does the Christmas season fill you with excitement or dread? What can you do to remember well this incredible divine event?

In today’s podcast I’m delighted to present to you a conversation I had with Dan Darling about his new book The Characters of Christmas: The Unlikely People Caught Up in the Story of Jesus. 

If you want something to freshen up your Christmas, this short book is for you. Dan walks through numerous characters including Joseph, Mary, the Shepherds, and even Herod the Monster of Christmas to give you a fresh perspective on a familiar story.  In addition, each chapter ends with suggested discussion questions, making it perfect for family devotion. 

You are going to love this […]


Parenting with Patience: Overcoming Anger in Your Home

Ashamed of your yelling?

Embarrassed by your outbursts at your children?

There is hope!

Parenting with Patience is a five-week video driven Bible study. It includes five lessons in online streaming videos (think Netflix).

Participant Workbook

The study is based on a beautifully designed Bible study workbook that includes:

an outline to take notes on each lesson,discussion questions for a small group to use,twenty-five daily devotionals (five for each week),anger journal templates for each week to help with personal change,and six parenting essays.

Topics Covered Include:

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Foundational IssuesLesson 2 – Understanding Anger as Your FoeLesson 3 – Understanding Anger as Your FriendLesson 4 – Developing a Plan for Your ParentingLesson 5 – Understanding the Nature of Biblical Change

Order your workbook from Amazon!

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Chap Bettis provides a […]


The Patient Christian: Overcoming Anger in Your Home and Life – Podcast

Not again! You lost it, you’re furious, and you feel like a total failure. You yelled, slammed the door, hit the table, or threw your purse. Then the shame and guilt set in.  “These are my precious children! What am I thinking? What can I do?”

What are we talking about? Anger. And the fact is, it is far too prevalent in our parenting. And then we feel guilt or shame, so we cover it up. 

The following podcast is a short sermon that covers the material of my new resource at a high level. And that resource is going to help parents with the problem of anger.

It is called Parenting with Patience: Overcoming Anger in the Home.  If you are a parent who has […]


Book Review: Seven Myths about Singleness

I have been waiting for a book like this. With the plethora of books on marriage, teaching on singleness seems underserved. And yet most people will be single for part of their Christian life. The Bible is filled with teaching in this area.

Allberry has done
the church a service by clearly and biblically slaying seven myths about
singleness while laying a foundation for understanding this topic.

Read this book if
you are single to grasp biblical help for your singleness.

Read this book if you are married so that you will understand your single friends – to minister to and receive ministry from them.

Read this book if
you are a parent so that you cast a vision for your children that may include
prolonged singleness.

Read this book if you are a […]

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Ginger Hubbard – Biblical Wisdom for Taming Your Child’s Tongue

Whining, lying, interrupting, complaining, arguing, gossiping. Our tongues are a deadly poison. Are you having  trouble dealing with the words of your children? That’s what we will be talking about today.

Scripture says that the tongue is a deadly poison. And that poison comes into the house through the sinful hearts of everyone who lives there – including me.  For parents, shepherding our children through these issues can be difficult. How do I handle issues like whining, lying, interrupting, complaining, gossiping? The list keeps going.

In today’s podcast I’m delighted to present to you a conversation I had with Ginger Hubbard. Ginger is the author of I Can’t Believe You Just Said That: Biblical Wisdom for Taming Your Child’s Tongue.  

Listen below or on itunes […]


Why Do We Discipline?

Are you weary in the work of training and discipline? Have you lost sight of the reason God has called you to this? I recently have been thinking about parents of young children who are tempted to grow weary in this good and exhausting task because they forget the why.

But it is a good and important work. 

Listen to our newest podcast – Chapter 17 of The Disciple-Making Parent.

Listen below or on itunes here.


If you are a parent, God has given you eternal souls to influence. In today’s culture, you need a strategy.

The Disciple-Making Parent will give you confidence in your parenting.

If you have made it this far, we are happy to give you a free audiobook of The Disciple-Making Parent. Simply email and include “podcast” in your subject line.


Why Don’t We Invite Input?

I have observed a strange parenting phenomenon. Many parents are reluctant and even resistant to asking advice about their parenting. While others can see blind spots, the parents themselves remain… blind to them.

Often older parents or pastors are resistant to mention anything for fear of being accused of being a busybody. J.C. Ryle once admitted, “I would rather correct a man about anything than his parenting.”

Recently I received this email from an older leader in another part of the country,

“Over dinner tonight, my wife and I were discussing some of the interactions we have had with parents of young children in our church.  Our goal has always been to encourage and try to give biblical counsel.  Based on our discussion with each other, […]


Dr. Tom Hines: Choosing and Trusting your Pediatrician

In today’s podcast, we talk with my friend Dr. Tom Hines about choosing and trusting a pediatrician over the long haul. As our country grows increasingly hostile to the gospel, Christian parents can overreact or under-react.

I think this will help you think through thi issue. This podcast reminds me what a treasure and gift excellent, supportive, Christian pediatricians are. I believe that this is vital information that will help young parents in the days ahead. 

Listen below or on itunes here.

If you are a parent, God has given you eternal souls to influence. In today’s culture, you need a strategy.

The Disciple-Making Parent will give you confidence in your parenting.

If you have made it this far, we are happy to give you a free audiobook […]


Proverb’s Financial Secrets for Everyone

The Bible tells us that there are many causes of poverty: injustice and disaster being two of them. This post is not to address those real issues that are out of the control of individuals.

Nevertheless, Proverbs also makes clear that there are some actions that lead toward poverty and some that lead toward wealth. In general, to paint with a very broad brush, as men and women grow in godliness, they will also become better stewards of God’s money. God’s wisdom often leads to an increased standard of living. And yet, too many are ignorant of these things.

I do not claim to be an expert in finances, but I wonder how many are suffering because they do not understand and practice what Proverbs says […]

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