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Gospel-Infused Parenting: A Conversation with Bob and Julie Kauflin

The Kauflin name is probably very familiar to you.

Although you may know him for his contribution to worship, you may not know that Bob Kauflin has thought a lot about parenting. I first heard Bob teach on parenting at a conference probably about 10 years ago and I thought, “This is excellent teaching from a godly man.” He and Julie graciously agreed to talk with me recently.

Bob is the Director of Sovereign Grace Music and the author of numerous popular worship songs. He is also the author of two books – Worship Matters and True Worshipers. In addition, He is a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church in Louisville KY.

He and Julie have been married for 43 years, have six […]


Thoughts for the Summer

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Cookouts and Family Discipleship – Intentionally capture some great opportunities at these events.

Vacation, Family Trips, and Family Discipleship – Do you know the difference between a vacation and a family trip? Are you prepared?

The Disciple-Making Parent will give you confidence in your parenting.

If you are a parent, God has given you eternal souls to influence. […]


Biblical Investment: Thinking Differently About Money

Do you and your spouse argue about money? Do you have a common understanding of what the Bible teaches about money? How are you teaching your children about money? 

In today’s podcast, I want to introduce you to my friend Daniel Howe. Daniel is the pastor of Christ Reformed Presbyterian church in East Providence RI. I invited him to address some of our families in our church and talk about the budgeting software application “You Need a Budget”.

I have just recently discovered this online site and love it. If you are feeling like you don’t have a handle on your spending, I highly recommend this application.

Daniel has a view on money that I have not heard widely before but I subscribe to –that is investing. What I hear from a lot of Christian teachers involves not spending –and that can […]


Loving One Another 101

As Christians, we are commanded many times in the New Testament to love one another. But how does that play out in our daily lives? And how do we train our children in this?

Jesus told us that all people will know we are his disciples if we love one another. In fact, that command is repeated 11 other times in the New Testament. But what does that love look like? 

In today’s podcast I invite you to listen in on five different aspects or facets of this diamond. You may think of these things as simple But I am regularly surprised at how many Christians don’t practice them. And for our particular application, how many parents don’t train their children in these qualities. 

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Pray For Me Campaign with Tony Souder

Studies show that young people who are connected with other adults in church have a much higher percentage of remaining with the faith. But as a parent, how can we facilitate this? And as a church leader, what can we contribute? In this episode, Tony Souder of the Pray for Me Campaign discusses how he has helped supercharge this idea for churchwide application. 

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How Mothers Can Defeat The Comparison Virus

As a mom, do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself with other families and feeling inferior? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to do this mom thing? Always feeling like there is more to do? Then this podcast is for you.

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The Disciple-Making Parent will give you confidence in your parenting.

If you are a parent, God has given you eternal souls to […]


What is a Family Pastor?

As I travel around the country  and speak at mid-sizes churches I have been
introduced to those who have the title of Family Pastor. Interestingly, when I
ask them to describe their responsibilities, I hear varied answers.

In larger churches, the title is usually given to a young person who is responsible to minister to the youth and oversee the children’s ministry. He also might be given other roles that accompany an associate pastor. But his primary responsibility is to oversee the children and youth.

As one who has a heart for family discipleship and as a former lead pastor, I would like to think through this. Might we be changing the name without changing the philosophy? Perhaps we should keep calling those who oversee youth and children’s […]

Church Life|

Levels of Delegation – What Smart Leaders in the Home and Church Understand

I find delegation difficult. It is much easier for me to do something myself. I know how I want it and cannot put it into words. In addition, over the years I have had a number of delegated projects that failed. As a result, I shy away from delegation.

But that is not a godly attitude. Whether you call it delegation, equipping, training, or empowering, one job of a leader in the church is to oversee. Oversee what? Among other things, oversee the saints carrying out the ministry of the body of Christ.

Leaders Are To Equip

Ephesians 4:12 states this explicitly when God tells us that he has gifted the church with leaders who are to equip the saints for the works of ministry so […]


Parenting Q and A with Chap

What if you could invite me to your Sunday School and ask me some parenting questions to fill in the corners of The Disciple-Making Parent.  

That’s exactly what this recording is.  A friend invited me to his church to finish up their study of  The Disciple-Making Parent. In that time, we covered all sorts of subjects including ones I did not talk about like: prodigals, advice to young parents, and commitment to the local church.

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Are We Dishonest in Our Praise?

At a recent conference, a kind grandmother who was also a public school teacher asked my thoughts about overpraising.

When I asked what she meant she explained that she had noticed parents praising every little thing their child did. In a desire to be positive, encouraging, and perhaps not hurt their esteem, they were praising poor work. And she felt the children could sense their dishonesty. It was affecting her classroom.

After we talked more, I had to admit that I agreed with her. Overpraising starts with a wrong view of my child as fragile and breakable who must be protected from every evil. It makes praise cheap and contributes to the sin of people-pleasing.

Finally, I think it makes us insecure. We need evaluation and […]