Module 1 God
Unit 1 God is Triune
Unit 2 God is Transcendent and Immanent
Unit 3 God is All Knowing and Eternal
Unit 4 God is Unchanging
Unit 5 God is Holy
Unit 6 God is Sovereign
Unit 7 God Exists
Module 2 Mankind
Unit 1 Mankind's Image and Purpose
Unit 2 Mankind's Sin and Fall
Unit 3 Mankind's Destiny
Unit 4 Mankind's Suffering
Unit 5 Mankind's Restoration
Module 3 Jesus
Unit 1 Jesus is Fully God
Unit 2 Jesus is Both God and Man Through the Incarnation
Unit 3 Jesus Rose From the Dead
Module 4 Salvation
Unit 1 What Did Jesus Accomplish on the Cross?
Unit 2 What is the Gospel?
Unit 3 Is There Only One Way to Heaven?
Unit 4 Jesus is Building a New Community
Module 5 Scripture
Unit 1 God Reveals Himself
Unit 2 Scripture is Inspired and Inerrant
Unit 3 How Did We Get Our Bible?
Unit 4 The New Testament is Reliable
Unit 5 The Old Testament is Reliable