Mom Question: Are We More Needy Than Previous Generations?

I was recently having dinner with five couples after a speaking engagement. One earnest mom who had become a Christian around the age of seventeen asked me, “Are we as moms more needy than previous generations? After all, my mother never read a parenting book.”

She was so sweet and sincere that I knew it was not a trap even though as a man I felt it was a sensitive subject to address. Here was the essence of my answer to her:

No, You Are Not
Intentional parents have always realized they were embarking on a new journey with limited information. Wise parents always asked others for help. My own mother has told me about how she was desperate for help in the 1970s and found help from […]


Oobleck and The Qualities of a Good Leader

There is a unique quality of substances that can be liquid and solid. Normal substances change from liquid to solid based on the temperature. These substances change based on the pressure. Scientists tell us it is a nonNewtonian fluid.

You can make oobleck, which gets its name from Dr. Seuss, by simply mixing cornstarch and water. With the right mix, you have a substance that you can dip your hand into and the fluild will move away. But if you hit it, the fluid solidifies for a moment. It feels like you are not hitting jello but a brick wall. (For a fun link click here. For demo videos simple search Youtube.)

Oobleck and Leadership
In walking through the qualities God looks for in an elder, we eventually […]

Parenting First-Aid: An Interview with Marty Machowski

Parenting is hard work. Often we can get banged up as we walk through some of the difficulties of life. Marty Machowski, author of Long Story Short, Old Story New, and numerous other books, sat down and talked with me about his new book – Parenting First-Aid.

In this interview, you will hear why he wrote the book, what God has taught him over the years, and two incredibly encouraging stories.

You can order the book here.

You can also find The Disciple-Making Parent podcast on itunes here.


The Power of the Coffee Date

What if I told you of one simple activity that could decrease conflict and increase unity in your home? In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this habit has been a huge blessing to our relationship.

When Sharon and I were starting out, we wanted to be intentional about our parenting. Thanks to some good teaching we had a great start. But the Lord graciously added more children to our family every two years. With our children 6, 4, 2, and newborn we were starting to disagree more and more.

Why the Problems?
As we stepped back and analyzed it, we realized that while the issues were becoming more complex our time and energy to discuss them was decreasing. Earlier we used to discuss certain issues […]


Seven Discipleship Objectives for Raising Sexually Healthy Children

If we watch Jesus disciple his followers we see times of formal teaching and informal teaching. There are times when he proactively taught and other times where he taught in reaction to something that had come up.

This grid helps me as I seek to disciple my own children. There are things that I hope they will know when they leave home. Some of those things will be taught formally, some informally. Some will be presented proactively and some reactively. There is a readiness that comes in discipleship. We want to transfer information and conviction to our children.

Biblical and Healthy Sexuality
Nowhere is this more true than the need to communicate biblical truth about biblical and God-honoring sexuality. The entertainment industry, news media and educational leaders are […]


Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied Podcast

As we head back to school with the summer routine behind us, we can have a number of opportunities to share our faith. And yet when it comes to telling others about the most important thing we know – Jesus – we can start to stutter and stammer. Yet a home that is telling people about Jesus is a home that is attractive to 2nd generation Christians.

In this episode, we turn the microphones around and Adam Miller interviews me about the contents of the book I wrote several years ago – Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied. In it you will learn how to pray effectively and how to bring up the gospel in an unoffensive way.

You can order the book here.


Two Uncommon Ways a Parent Can Pray

But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. Matthew 6:6

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16

As a pastor, it has been my privilege to be financially supported so that I might give myself to the word and prayer. When it comes to prayer I still consider myself in first grade. I humbly confess my lack of prayer and lack of knowledge of prayer.

Knowing how little I know, I would still like to share two unusual ways to pray that I believe I can commend.

Pacing Prayer
One of the privilege of being a pastor were the days I had the […]

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Suggestions for Creating Structure In an Unstructured Week

Pastors, young mothers, and plenty of others face a common challenge. How do we create structure in an unstructured week?

The more unstructured time you have the more you need to manage yourself. As a pastor for twenty-five years and an author/speaker for five years I have had to think about this plenty. As I talk with families, I am burdened by the number of stay-at-home moms who have difficulty bringing structure to their week.

Yes, I do think this topic is related to family discipleship. As a parent we have multiple pressures and limited time. Not only that but our children will remember the atmosphere of our home. Psychologists tell us that the number one high-school problem is stress from over scheduled children. We are packing […]

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Family Discipleship – For What Purpose?

This blog and my writing focus on passing the gospel to our children. Rightly we are concerned about the number who seem to grow up in a Christian home but reject the faith.

But we must not make this the ultimate purpose of our lives or even our children’s lives. We should ask the deeper question of, “To what end?”

If we want our own hearts and our family’s hearts to reflect God’s heart, then what does that look like? What vision do I hope to inculcate in them?

My Country Only?
As the American culture disintegrates around us, it can be tempting to seek to raise our children to be salt and light. If they will just hang on to the faith we will be satisfied.

But what if […]


The Bridegroom, The Song of Solomon, and Middle Age

He brought me to his banqueting house, and his banner over me was love. Song of Solomon 2:4

The Bridegroom
This past weekend I watched a friend’s son get married. Being a witness has a pleasure different than when I lead the service. As an officiant, when the bride enters, I, as well as the congregation, rightly focus on her.

But this past weekend as a witness I had the pleasure of focusing most of my attention on the groom. He was the one I had watched grow from an infant. He was the one that had sat under my preaching.

As I watched his face I saw the emotions I felt thirty years ago: joy, yearning, innocence, new beginnings, gratefulness, and amazement that this beautiful bride should be […]

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