How Did Jesus View Scripture?

How did Jesus view his Scriptures?
I have been thinking about this question recently.

In this age of the Internet when I am distracted more than ever (after all you are reading this on the Internet), how did Jesus view the Scriptures? Having a high of Scriptures might help me make them a priority. If I want to have the mind of Christ, then it will be helpful to know how he thought about his Scriptures – our OT.

Below you will find Scriptures that I found useful. His high view challenges my own heart. What would you add?

1. He was taught it.
Luke 2:46-47, “After three days they found him in the temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. And all […]


Wayne Grudem Critiques Theistic Evolution

I recently had the chance to hear Wayne Grudem present at the Evangelical Theological Society. His presentation focused on how Theistic Evolution directly attacks the inerrancy of Scripture. It is the outline of his contribution to the book Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique.

Your children will face teaching about evolution. He does his usual methodical and persuasive job. I think this is going to become the goto resource for smart Christians.

The following is from his handout:

What this book is not about?
1. Age of the earth. We take no position.
2. Whether supporters of theistic evolution are genuine Christians.
3. The book is about whether Genesis 1-3 should be understood as a historical narrative in the sense of reporting events the author wants readers to believe […]


President Obama, Islam and the Crusades – A Teachable Moment

No doubt you have heard about President Obama’s recent remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. In his speech, he compared the horrible deeds to ISIS with the misdeeds of past Christians. Believers are understandable outraged by this misunderstanding and mischaracterization.

I have been collecting articles that are helpful. Click on the links to read the whole thing.

We have a teachable moment here for the next generation.

Debatable – Was President Obama Right About the Crusades?

Yes, people have done terrible deeds in the name of Christ, but they were against the teachings of Christ. Some of the Crusaders committed atrocities that couldn’t be more contrary to the teachings of Christ. They were the ones who “hijacked” a religion, Christianity, by disobeying what Christ taught. But contrary to the president’s […]