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Teens Too Busy for Church?

USA Today highlights  dropping attendance at some youth events. As I read this, pertinent comments are:

Sweet 16 is not a sweet spot for churches. It’s the age teens typically drop out.
Teens say, “We don’t see the church as relevant, as meeting our needs or where we need to be today.
Kids are overcommitted.
Parents are not communicating a ‘church is important’ culture.

Good observations by a current youth leader saying:

I cannot compete with my students’ culture in the area of entertainment.
I can offer students the real gospel of Jesus Christ and they can handle it.
Growth happens not by entertaining but by equipping.

I love the comments but again conspicuously absent is the mention of calling parents to their role to disciple their children! Oh well, good observation for us […]

Mark Driscoll on Observations of the Millenials

Mark Driscoll makes some observations on the younger generation.
My personal experience having preached all over the country reveals three things:

One, adolescence is extending into the early thirties. Practically, this means that young people are delaying most major life decisions from career path to marriage, children, and even which set of spiritual beliefs they will adhere to. Subsequently, their ambiguity and lack of certainty about Christian doctrines is not surprising in light of their entire life.

Two, young people are committed to churches not built for them but built by them. Around the country young people are flocking to churches that have clear authoritative Bible teaching about real life issues, are lead by authentic leaders, include night services, use online social media, embrace technology, serve the poor […]

Winning the Next Generation

Kevin DeYoung says that winning the next generation is easier and harder than we think. His advice?

1. Grab Them With Passion.

2. Win Them With Love.

3. Hold Them With Holiness.

4. Challenge Them With Truth.

5. Amaze Them With God.

Good evaluative questions for parents or church leaders might be:

1. How zealous is my life? Our church? Do I get them around zealous Christians? Or nice people? How can I increase my zeal?

2. Does my life show real, earnest, biblical love? (not niceness)

3.  Do my children see me growing? Or is my life’s holiness mocking my words? Where am I fighting sin?

4. Am I placing them and myself in situations to really study the truth? How can I grow in truth myself?

5.  Does God seem amazing to me? Do […]