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No. Actually Religion Has Not Caused Most Violence in 20th Century

Fun quick read that answers the objection that religion is the largest cause of violence.

There were 160 million deaths for political reasons in 20th century alone.

Identical Twin Studies Prove That Homosexuality is Not Determined by Genes

A constant stream of articles cite the link between homosexuality and biology. The common understanding now is that homosexuals are born this way and cannot change. As a result, we are told, “They need to accept themselves and we need to accept this lifestyle.”

But is homosexuality genetically determined? If that were the case, then when one identical twin is homosexual, the other should be also.

In fact, this is not true at all. See this study here.  (HT: Aquila Report)

Dr. Whitehead summarizes his article:

In summary:

1. No scientist believes genes by themselves infallibly make us behave in specified ways. Genes create a tendency, not a tyranny.

2. Identical twin studies show that neither genetic nor family factors are overwhelming.

3. Conclusion 2 will not be altered by any research […]

Raising a Bubble Baby?

In this excellent article, Clint Archer uses the helpful and true story of the young boy who was raised in a bubble but ultimately died.

Similarly, a wrong view of our children can lead to destruction. Here is his key paragraph:

That sad story has a parallel in the spiritual world. Many parents treat the souls of their children as if they possessed an incurable immune deficiency. Anxious about infecting their young ones with worldly philosophy, they keep them in a sterile environment. Some parents never allow their children to play with other kids, or venture outside the home. All their education and entertainment comes directly from their parents. This certainly does preserve the children from worldly, unbiblical influences, and is highly appropriate in the very young years [emphasis […]

The Real Effects of an Affair

Hollywood portrays affairs as exciting. God’s word forbids adultery. But Jesus said that he his commands give abundant life. It is the thief that comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Who is right? Though our teens may want to believe Jesus, Hollywood sure makes it sound glamorous. I have argued in my booklet, The Power of Apologetics, that we need to show our children the goodness of Christianity. God’s commands lead to blessing.

This article shows the real effects of breaking God’s commands.

The writer comments:

What you don’t know, or perhaps what you don’t allow yourself to think about, is that your life will become an unbearable mix of yearning and regret because of it. It will be difficult if not impossible to be in any one […]

How Valuable is a Church to a Community?

As we approach an increasingly hostile environment for Christianity, we will need to be able to articulate how Christians bless an area. Toronto churches renting schools are facing a huge rental increase and are asking for prayer. You can read about it here and here.

My comment on the blog was this:

One underlying issue that we have found in the Northeast of the U.S. is the question of the value of a local church. When cities are hardpressed they have started to look at churches. One way I approached it in the past in my letter to an editor was value added.

Christianity Today just had a very important graphic and statistical support for the value of a church. Here’s the intro:

“Does a congregation’s tax-exempt status outweigh […]

Teach Your Child That True Love Doesn’t Wait

Excellent post here about why true love does not wait.

The author remarks that the subtle message she received was something like this, “Stay pure and God will provide a husband.” But when he doesn’t provide a husband, the young women are confused and may walk away from the Lord. Rather than seeking the Lord during that time and being all that God wants them to be, they are waiting.

I have argued here that we ought to give all of our children a high view of singleness. Traditionally, more women follow the Lord than men. If I want to prepare my daughters to follow the Lord to the fullest, I need to prepare them for the possibility of life-long singleness. Besides, unless we marry them off at […]

The Power of Apologetics and Worldview

I was recently asked to give the keynote at the RI Homeschool Convention.
In that talk, I delivered a summarized version of the material in the booklet, The Power of Apologetics. Below is the audio.  I am working on a version that will have better audio quality. But for now this is what we have. Enjoy!

Power of Apologetics and Worldview

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Singleness: A Cause for Mourning?

Sometimes Christians who are young adults walk away from the Lord because of their desire to be married and their inability to find a Christian spouse. As parents, we need to cast a vision for the blessing of singleness. 

In Judges 11, we read the story of Jepthah and his daughter. Jepthah rashly promises to dedicate something to the Lord if the Lord will give him victory. That first item out of his house is his daughter. He does keep his vow to sacrifice her. However, there are two possible understandings of this passage. In a region known for human sacrifice, perhaps Jephthah did indeed sacrifice her on an altar. Another interpretation holds that she was to be dedicated to the Lord and the temple and never […]

Tim Tebow and The ProLife Apologetic

Parents, you have a wonderful chance to proactively illustrate to your children why you are prolife. You may or may not know that Tim Tebow’s mother became seriously ill before she knew that she was pregnant with Tim. His parents went to the best doctor in their area of the Philippines. The doctor told his mother in a slow monotone that “An abortion is the only way to save your life.”

Tim’s mother chose life. And now we have Tim Tebow. How many other “superstars” have been aborted on the doctor’s advice?

And, as Randy Alcorn makes the point, even if Tim had been a special needs child, aren’t they all precious in God’s sight?

Read Randy’s whole article! 

And since I live in New England, whoever wins on Saturday […]

The Power of Apologetics

We have just released a new resource aimed at equipping parents to shepherd their children through their doubts. Even after they make a profession of faith, your children will have doubts. And sooner than you think. One study found that 40% of children who walked away from their faith said they had their first doubts in junior high school!

The Power of Apologetics is a 25 page booklet aimed at equipping parents in this vital area. You can download the electronic copy for free. Simply click here and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to all who support The Apollos Project. You made this resource possible.