How TV Affects Our Family and World

Here is research proof  to what we already know. As TV spreads, it changes culture. This article points out how the spread of TV  has reduced Brazil's birthrate and influenced social mores in India gradually. The article goes on to point out how TV has changed our culture's acceptance of homosexuality. Some applications as I see it. 1. We are imitators. We can't help it. The question is what will we imitate. We will imitate those we admire. If I am saturating myself with TV characters then I will want to emulate them. If I put myself around those who are godly and admire them, I will want to emulate them. 2. Our children are imitators. They can't help it. The question is who will [...]

Finding a College Fellowship

I entered my college, 1200 miles away from home, naive about finding Christian fellowship. I felt relief flood my heart as I saw a big banner on the activities night festival displaying, "I am the way, the truth, and the life - Jesus." That campus group played a huge role in answering my questions and helping me grow. How can we help our children find group? I just ran across Campus Crusade's (Cru as it is now called) geographical index. I thought it might be helpful to others. It is not that easy to find. The link is here. In addition, have you thought with them about where they will go to church? It might be good to settle on two or three choices before [...]

The Cross Does NOT Compare to the Electric Chair

You may have heard the comparison that having a cross as a symbol of Christianity is like having an electric chair as its symbol. There certainly is some truth in that statement. This article takes the opposite tact. The electric chair was used to humanely kill a condemned criminal while the cross was meant to torture and shame. In fact, the graffiti shows that having a crucified Messiah was a laughable insult. This has HUGE implications for us and our children. To become a Christian is to die to what the world thinks. Nay, it is more than that. It is to identify with one so shamed. Thank you Jesus,who for the joy before him, endured the cross, scorning its shame. Hebrews 12:2 Let us, then, [...]

Fear of Man – Questions to Ask

Helping our children and ourselves recognize and fight fear of man is a great shepherding skill. Kevin DeYoung has done an excellent job in asking some questions that would be helpful for parent and child alike. Do you struggle with peer pressure?  Do you give in to things against your will just to go along with the crowd? Are you over-committed?  Is it impossible for you to say no? Are you a people-pleaser? Are your relationships more about being loved and seeming lovely than actually loving others? Do you have low self-esteem? Are you easily crushed by criticism? Do you feel trapped by people’s praise, because you can never live up to their expectations? Are you always second-guessing yourself, worrying what people think about your decisions? [...]