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Monsters in the Closet and the BLAST Prayer

Scripture says not to give the devil a foothold (Ephesians 4:27).

Jesus specifically says about himself, that the devil had no place or hold on him (John 14:30).

When we have a sin habit, we give ground to the devil in our lives. There is a breach in our lives and Satan has a place in our lives that he can harass and tempt us more than he should. Think of it as an intruder that we allow to live in a closet in our house. The intruder has no right to be there. But we have allowed him in. From the base of the closet, he has greater access to harass us. Eventually, if we don’t oppose him, he will not be content with the […]

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Praying Daily for Our Sons in October

This seems like a good challenge (HT Challies) and I plan to take it. I have joined the Facebook group. If this works well, I might do something similar for The Apollos Project. Check it out.

Also, check out this ap for the iphone. I have not used it yet but am thinking about it.

Encouraging You and Your Child to Pray for Your Pastors

A good word here. HT Challies.

I woke this morning with words of prayer on my mouth. Not prayers for me or prayers for my friends, but prayers for my pastors. I go to a large church with many pastors and their job is difficult. They shepherd, lead, teach, preach, train, study, repent, and live very publicly….

Your life is wrought with struggle, pain, study, leadership, discipleship, doubt, fear—many of the same things your pastors deal with, but think of how different your leadership would be if you knew you had people who were actively praying for you? When I remember that Jesus intercedes for me, it’s a game changer. When I know one of you is praying for me, it puts flesh on that intangible intercession […]

Praying that Our Children Will Live Worthy

I’ve been reading a book by D.A. Carson A Call to Spiritual Reformation  that teaches through Paul’s prayers in the Epistles. Though somewhat thick, it is very helpful and applicable to parents and pastors.  The following quote from pp. 54-55 specifically addresses parents and the values that fuel our prayers.

When was the last time you prayed this sort of prayer for your family? for your church, for your children? Do we not spend far more energy praying that our children will pass their exams, or get a good job, or be happy, or not stray too far, than we do praying that they may live lives worthy of what it means to be a Christian?

Many of us have had the experience of asking a parent, “How are […]

Praying for Our Children

The great Puritan theologian John Owen said, “He who prays right will endeavor to live right.” Good prayer will  guide our goals and our lives.

One of my New Year’s resolution is to pray more regularly, deeply, biblically, and specifically for my children. I commend this encouraging article as a starting point.

Should you join me  in committing to pray more deeply for our children? Men, should you pray with your wives? Wives, should you prompt your husband?

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A Mom’s Gospel Oriented Prayer

We pray often for our children. But how should we pray? For safety?  A good day?

Christina Fox pens an excellent prayer at The Gospel Coalition site.

The heart of her prayer is

The most important prayer I can pray for them is that they would see their sin and need for you. I ask that you humble them before you. Pierce their heart so they would see their need for the gospel of grace. I pray that they would know there is nothing they can do to earn your love or to keep your love. Each time they stumble into sin, draw them back to the gospel and foot of the cross. I pray that they would be overcome and overwhelmed by your love for them, that […]

Around the Web

Analog Parents of Digital Children – Al Mohler comments on the recent New York Times article about media issues our kids are facing.  Key sentence from Mohlner – Parents of adolescents and young people cannot afford to be stuck in an analog world with outdated expertise, even as their offspring are digital natives living in an increasingly distracted and dangerous world.

From the NYT article – This sentence from the article is particularly haunting: “He says he sometimes wishes that his parents would force him to quit playing and study, because he finds it hard to quit when given the choice.” Are they listening?

The Retreat from Marriage – Al Mohler reviews two books and the trend of America away from marriage. Our children will not be unaffected […]

Love and Wisdom

As I attend conferences on the family, I continue to be with teachers presenting the virtues of wisdom. Teaching wisdom is attractive to me because I do not want to my children to make the same foolish mistakes I made. But in this reemphasis on wisdom, let us not overlook a complementary trait that is just as, if not more, important. The trait I am talking about is love for the Lord.

In thinking things through, we can see that these two are not the same. There are many Christians who have a passionate relationship with the Lord but who do not direct their lives according to wisdom Similarly there are wise followers of Jesus who have lost any real passion or love for him.

This can […]