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Kids Opting Out of Social Media – I’m sure you know of this trend but it still interesting to see an article on it. Our children are narrowcasting not broadcasting. Make sure you are talking with them.

With Him – Jesus’ Discipleship Method.  This has huge implications for parents. Are you “with him?” Are you bringing your children “with you?”

Ask Questions Like Jesus – One author says that Jesus was asked 183 questions but asked 307. Questions are powerful teaching tools. This article looks at different types of questions and will help you in your communication.

10 Questions to Diagnose Your Smartphone Usage – I found these enlightening and helpful.

5 Ways Christianity is Increasingly Viewed as Extremist – I don’t take Barna too seriously. Nevertheless, he usually is on […]

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Links to Equip You
4 Questions to Ask Children – I like a couple of these open-ended questions that allow for an ongoing conversation with young children. Try them.

Five Questions Better than How Was Your Day – As long as we are on questions, here is another collection of excellent questions.

Mariana Trench Named Worst Place to Raise a Child – This satirical article hit it right on the nose. All these articles name the “best” places to raise a child. But the best place is in the center of God’s will for your family.

Children in the OT – I appreciated this professor’s perspective on children and the implications for us.

9 Ways to Entertain Your Toddler without Using a Smartphone – C’mon parents. Don’t be lazy! Be creative!

Using Proverbs 31 and a […]

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12 Things Every First Time Father Should Know – I enjoyed his list and came up with a few more. What would you add?

A Pastor’s Greatest Regret – If you are a pastor, are you caring for your family? If not a pastor, are you helping him care for his family? I have written about this here and here.

What to Do When They Stray – Whether or not you agree with this gentlemen’s theology, you will find his four suggestions practical.

America is More Post Christian – Barna tells us what we already know. Let’s train our children to live in this world.

My Own Personal Bollywood – I like this understanding of how movies can lead to unrealistic views of things. Helpful for talking to those […]

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Top Posts of 2014

With the end of the year here, we look back on our top posts from 2014.

1. Ways My Church Cared for My Kids – You can click through to an article published by The Gospel Coalition that received over 5000 Facebook likes in 3 days and 25,000 unique impressions in a month. Obviously, this is an important issue that resonated with others.

2. How Pastors Can Care for their Children – A follow-up post to the first one. The Gospel Coalition published it and it too struck a cord.

3. She’s Not Perfect but She’s Perfect for Me – Another popular article on TGC, encouraging spouses to believe in God’s providence.

4. Unsolicited Dating Advice for Young Men – CBMW published this article in October and it quickly gained […]

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Websites and Email to Teach Your Children About the World

You do care about God’s world but life is busy. How can we keep God’s heart for the world on our minds? How can we encourage our children to learn about God’s world?

Here are some sites I know about. Email me any you think should be added.

Operation World is the definitive guide to the status of Christianity around the world. You can receive a daily email for a country to pray for. I do and it is valuable prompt to pray (and learn about a country).

Joshua Project – Cool map of unreached people groups. Makes you want to pray and turn those red dots green!

Joshua Project will send an unreached people group to your email. Another great prompt to pray.

States and Nations Game – Ok, […]

Around the Web – Swearing, Listening, and Exasperating Your Children

The Heart of Swearing – Good words here on looking at the heart issue of swearing. Especially good for parents. I have written to older Christians here who are arguing for swearing to fit in with those around them.

Do you listen when you apologize? – Excellent counsel! Apologizing without listening can actually cause more pain.

David Murray on 15 ways to exasperate your children.

Dealing with the T of LGBT – With the Time Magazine cover, we are moving on to the T of LGBT. Who would have thought we would be here? Russell Moore has a quick helpful article to help our young adults. CBMW has some good words here.

Should the Church Speak of Gay Christians? – Helpful thinking on moving Christian understanding away from identity […]

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Teachers Banning Laptops – I knew it. Now there is proof. This is why I ask my children to bring paper Bibles to church and take notes in a notebook with a writing instrument. Yes, they have an ipod but there is something about paper, a pen, not typing, and not being distracted by the internet.

There is no such thing as casual sex – Great quotation by Dallas Willard

Gospel Inclusion and Instagram – This article raises several excellent points. Are we excluding others? Are we bragging? Are we living a life that is hypocritical – showing one thing to our friends, while the reality is quite different. According to one daughter of mine, this is quite prevalent at her college.

A Dad Who Sings — I […]

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Around the Web – Listening as Ministry, Bible Reading, Cutting

Listening as Ministry – Lessons in Good Listening
1. Good listening requires patience.
2. Good listening is an act of love.
3. Good listening asks perceptive questions.
4. Good listening is ministry.
5. Good listening prepares us to speak well
6. Good listening reflects our relationship with God.

John Wesley’s Take on Formative Reading of Scriptures by Children.
(i.) Reading: Constantly, some part of everyday; regularly, all the Bible in order; carefully, with the Notes; seriously, with prayer before and after; fruitfully, immediately practicing what you learn there?
(ii.) Meditating: At set times? by any rule?
(iii.) Hearing: Every morning? carefully; with prayer before, at, after; immediately putting in practice? Have you a New Testament always about you (15)?


Ask Big!

Last night I watched this video for the first time. I found my eyes filling with tears.

Why? Because in it, I saw a picture of the gospel.

God graciously invites us to come to him and ask of him. Not all take him up on this offer. They are going to be sorry later!

But those that do, hear him call them by name. And he invites them ask him anything (Matthew 7:7). And then there is time delay between faith filled asking and the provision.

But then out of his overflowing riches, he delights to answer. And he answers big to the delight and joy of those who asked. And it is all by grace.

But we must have faith and ASK BIG. Don’t just ask for underwear and socks.


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Video clip sent from my oldest son. So appreciate my sons.

Make sure you watch to the end.

This is not all there is to it. But it certainly is an aspect.

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