Will The Real Saint Nick Stand Up?

2/1/2019 Haste makes waste – I included the wrong link in the email.
Article on Rich Sacra is here. 
Two recent posts tell us about who the real St. Nick was.

Kevin DeYoung helpfully writes about what we do know here.

And Nathan Busenitz also writes about Nicholas of Myra here. 

But what I enjoyed was the historically based legend he pointed to in William Bennett’s Book, The True Saint Nicholas.

Tradition says that Nicholas was one of the bishops attending the great council . As he sat listening to Arius proclaim views that seemed to him blasphemous, his anger mounted. He must have asked himself: Did I suffer through all those years in prison to listen to this man betray our beliefs?

His anger got the best of him. He […]

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Ask Big!

Last night I watched this video for the first time. I found my eyes filling with tears.

Why? Because in it, I saw a picture of the gospel.

God graciously invites us to come to him and ask of him. Not all take him up on this offer. They are going to be sorry later!

But those that do, hear him call them by name. And he invites them ask him anything (Matthew 7:7). And then there is time delay between faith filled asking and the provision.

But then out of his overflowing riches, he delights to answer. And he answers big to the delight and joy of those who asked. And it is all by grace.

But we must have faith and ASK BIG. Don’t just ask for underwear and socks.


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A Happy Parent Reflects the Trinitarian Delight

Great article about family happiness and smiling as reflecting Trinitarian joy. Joe Rigney encourages parents of young children (and I would add parents of teens also) to:

1) Be thrilled about what they are thrilled about. Join them in their joy, however simple and childlike.

2) Recognize that an atmosphere of joy and delight is the only environment in which discipline is safe and good.

3) Remember that the main way they experience joy is through laughter and play. Fun is joy in kid form.

4) Make the most of temporary separations and reunions. Communicate your pleasure in them as you leave and your excitement when you return. Leave with laughter and come home happy.

Good stuff for parents of young children! (And parents of teens as well!)

Are we creating […]

Fun – How to Spot a Father of Young Children

How to spot a father of young children. Those were the days for our family.  And maybe are the days for yours right now.


The Journal of Noah’s Wife

I participate in a National speech competition. In fact, my apologetics curriculum is used to help equip kids for that category. But there is another category called Original Oratory. Students write and perform their own pieces. This one won first prize. I promise you it is worth the 10 minutes to watch. It is both hilarious and instructional. Great job Jacalyn!


Far from the One I Love

As my third born graduates today and heads south for college, I thought of her performance as a 10th grader in Fiddler on the Roof. Prophetic and a tear jerker for any dad.

Far From the Home I Love
Hodel (Rebekah), leaves her family to join Perchik in Siberia after he is arrested. The scene is the train station where she is saying goodbye to her father, probably forever.


It’s Not About the Nail

Dedicated to husbands everywhere who are trying to love their wives! HT Denny Burk.


Video clip sent from my oldest son. So appreciate my sons.

Make sure you watch to the end.

This is not all there is to it. But it certainly is an aspect.

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Caught Red-Handed and Red-Faced

As we wait for the blizzard to hit in the Northeast, how about a little fun with a serious message? I am writing a chapter on the gospel and the need of our children for conversion.

This quotation is in the chapter

The fairest child, who has entered life this year and become the sunbeam of a family, is not, as his mother perhaps fondly calls him, a little “angel” or a little “innocent,” but a little “sinner.” Alas! As that infant boy or girl lies smiling and crowing in its cradle, that little creature carries in its heart the seeds of every kind of wickedness! Only watch it carefully, as it grows in stature and its mind develops, and you will soon detect in it an […]

A One Word Response to the Mayans

(1 Corinthians 16:22b)

Here’s a song I grew up with that combines the Incarnation and the return of Christ! Maranatha!

One day when Heaven was filled with His praises
One day when sin was as black as could be
Jesus came forth to be born of a Virgin
Dwelt among men, my example is He

Word became flesh and the light shined among us
His glory revealed

Living He loved me, dying He saved me
And buried He carried my sins far away
Rising He justified freely forever
One day He’s coming, oh, glorious day, oh, glorious day

One day they led Him up Calvary’s mountain
One day they nailed Him to die on a tree
Suffering anguish, despised and rejected
Bearing our sins, my Redeemer is He

Hands that healed nations, stretched out on a tree
And took the nails […]

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