Courage and the Movie Premier

I am going to the midnight premier of The Hobbit tonight with Nate and some of his friends. I’m sure it’s going to be crowded.

My recent post on courage made me think of this video. Not endorsing beer but a good illustration of micro-courage.

Hope I won’t need it tonight.

Fun, Power of Purpose|

Idol Worship?

I love having fun on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon like everybody else, but…….. something to think about around this time of year. ┬á Our kids will pick up on what we are truly excited about….and that better be the gospel. Just sayin’.

Fun: Do You Have Friggatriskaidekaphobia?

SAT word of the day: Friggatriskaidekaphobia.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th.

Christ is cure for everything – even Friggatriskaidekephobia.

I don’t have it. Do you?

I just love typing that four times. Now try saying it three times fast!

Enjoy the day.


When Life Seem Topsy-Turvey

The ride is designed for this. The Lord is control of your circumstances too. It is all part of the plan. Just hang on!

More info here.


Fun – A Calm, Cool Dad


Putting in the Big Rocks: Priority Management

Why is it that something like discipling our children is not as important as we know it should be? Mismanaged priorities. Stephen Covey illustrates putting the first things first in this video: (HT. Michael Hyatt)

A Southern Lady

I grew up in the South. And this salt of the earth woman reminds me of my grandmother. Glasses, accent and all. HT Kevin DeYoung.


A New Invention

The Bio Optical Organized Knowledge device. Amazing!


A Little Bragging by a Proud Dad – Fiddler on the Roof

Our kid’s homeschool coop performed Fiddler on the Roof. Below are the songs that included my children. There are a number of themes for fathers to consider in that play. I hope to blog on them later. But for today, some fun and tears.

The three sisters (Rebekah as Hodel in the middle with rake) think about marriage with idealism and realism.

Any Day
Perchik (Chapman), the young Communist wins the heart of Hodel (Rebekah) and shares his dream of the future.

And the tear jerker for every dad including this one – Far From the Home I Love
Hodel (Rebekah), leaves her family to join Perchik in Siberia after he is arrested. The scene is the train station where she is saying goodbye to her father, […]

Fun, The Family Shepherd|

Friday Fun – What Your Child is Doing Instead of School Work

What your child is doing instead of school work! HT:BTW