A Happy Parent Reflects the Trinitarian Delight

Great article about family happiness and smiling as reflecting Trinitarian joy. Joe Rigney encourages parents of young children (and I would add parents of teens also) to:

1) Be thrilled about what they are thrilled about. Join them in their joy, however simple and childlike.

2) Recognize that an atmosphere of joy and delight is the only environment in which discipline is safe and good.

3) Remember that the main way they experience joy is through laughter and play. Fun is joy in kid form.

4) Make the most of temporary separations and reunions. Communicate your pleasure in them as you leave and your excitement when you return. Leave with laughter and come home happy.

Good stuff for parents of young children! (And parents of teens as well!)

Are we creating […]

Fun – How to Spot a Father of Young Children

How to spot a father of young children. Those were the days for our family.  And maybe are the days for yours right now.


What Parents and Marriage Have to Do with Resilient Faith

I don’t have time to dissect this great post and this article today. Ironically, I am putting the final touches on my Fully Convinced seminar for tomorrow. But this article could be a press release for The Apollos Project.

A key paragraph:

Not surprisingly, homes modeling lukewarm faith do not create enduring faith in children. Homes modeling vibrant faith do. So these young adults are leaving something they never had a good grasp of in the first place. This is not a crisis of faith, per se, but of parenting.

I will take some time in the future to see if it is also a crisis of our understanding of conversion as.

In the meantime, read the whole thing and pray for our churches that they might become better […]

Do You Talk to Your Children About Faith Issues?

Dr. Kara Powell relays some statistics about parents who don’t shepherd their children at home. From Sticky Faith, page 71

According to Search Institutes’s nationwide study of 11,000 teenagers from 561 congregations across six denominations,

12% of youth have regular dialogue with their mom on faith or life issues. – Meaning 7 out of 8 don’t!
5% of youth have regular faith or life conversations with their dad. – Meaning 19 out 20 don’t!
9% of teens engage in regular reading of the Bible and devotions with their family.

When it comes to matters of faith, mum’s usually the word at home.

From Search Institute, Effective Christian Education: A National Study of Protestant Congregations (Minneapolis: Search Institute, 1990).

The Journal of Noah’s Wife

I participate in a National speech competition. In fact, my apologetics curriculum is used to help equip kids for that category. But there is another category called Original Oratory. Students write and perform their own pieces. This one won first prize. I promise you it is worth the 10 minutes to watch. It is both hilarious and instructional. Great job Jacalyn!


Far from the One I Love

As my third born graduates today and heads south for college, I thought of her performance as a 10th grader in Fiddler on the Roof. Prophetic and a tear jerker for any dad.

Far From the Home I Love
Hodel (Rebekah), leaves her family to join Perchik in Siberia after he is arrested. The scene is the train station where she is saying goodbye to her father, probably forever.


Listening to Young Atheists

Very interesting article in which the writer reveals interviews with those in Atheist Societies in universities. Among his surprising observations:

1. The had attended church.
2. The mission and message were vague.
3. Their churches gave superficial answers to life’s difficult questions.
4. They expressed their respect for ministers who took the Bible seriously.
5. Ages 14-17 were decisive.
6. The decision to embrace atheism was often an emotional one.
7. The Internet focused heavily into their conversion to atheism.

He ends with this observation:

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this whole study was the lasting impression many of these discussions made upon us. That these students were, above all else, idealists who longed for authenticity, and having failed to find it in their churches, they settled for a non-belief that, while less […]

It’s Not About the Nail

Dedicated to husbands everywhere who are trying to love their wives! HT Denny Burk.


Video clip sent from my oldest son. So appreciate my sons.

Make sure you watch to the end.

This is not all there is to it. But it certainly is an aspect.

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Tedd Tripp – Dazzled by Idols or Dazzled by God?

Our teenagers go into the world every single day to find things to marvel at. They are on the lookout to be impressed by something. They love to be dazzled by things in their surroundings.

But not only our teens, we were all made to be dazzled. We’re made to stand back and gape, to wonder and be overwhelmed by the glory and goodness and greatness of God. We’re uniquely designed to respond to this awesome glory with worship, adoration, reverence, and being awestruck with God’s glory.

We’re made for worship.

What happens when people who are instinctively and compulsively worshipers fail to worship God? We simply worship something else in His place. We get impressed by things, people, and experiences in creation. We get dazzled by idols. […]