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Why Living Together Before Marriage is Bad – Negative Effects of Cohabitation

The principle of inoculating our children teaches us to proactively bring up thoughts they will encounter in the world and actively deal with them.  Since the 60s, marriage has been under assault. Today we can see that the anti-marriage message has won among non-Christians.  Living together before marriage is the accepted norm. How will we handle this? We can tell them that it violates God’s word. But it helpful to also show that there are negative effects in this life of disobeying God. God’s word is for our best. We need to proactively bring the message of purity until marriage up. And since sin has consequences, we should expect that even nonChristians who violate God’s law experience some negative consequences. This interview with Michael McManus, […]

A Teen’s Faith Maturity Study

The Search Institute’s 1990 National Study of Protestant’s Congregations indicated that the most important factor in a teenager’s faith maturity was the level of “family religiousness.” The particular family experiences most tied to greater faith maturity were:

the frequency with which an adolescent talked with mother and father about faith,
the frequency of family devotions and
the frequency with which parents and children together were involved in efforts, formal or informal, to help other people.

Mark Devries, Family Based Ministry, p.84


Jeffery Zaslow of The Wall Street Journal writes about the lifestyle of young people using the term “hypersocializing.”  Al Mohler comments on this article

His article should be read by parents, pastors, teachers, and anyone who cares about the minds and souls of young people.

As prophets of technological pessimism from Jacques Ellul to Neil Postman have reminded us, every technology comes with an effect on the soul. How does this digital revolution effect the souls of young people who quite literally sleep with cellphones on the pillow, lest they miss a text message in the night? What space is left for the development of flesh-and-blood friendships? How are they related to people who do not have access to text messages? Is their communicative ability now […]

Fatherhood Myths in the Media

Al Mohler gives us some Fatherhood Myths that will appear in the media. Beware!