Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied Podcast

As we head back to school with the summer routine behind us, we can have a number of opportunities to share our faith. And yet when it comes to telling others about the most important thing we know – Jesus – we can start to stutter and stammer. Yet a home that is telling people about Jesus is a home that is attractive to 2nd generation Christians.

In this episode, we turn the microphones around and Adam Miller interviews me about the contents of the book I wrote several years ago – Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied. In it you will learn how to pray effectively and how to bring up the gospel in an unoffensive way.

You can order the book here.


The Lavish Father, The Prodigal Sons, and My Family

The Prodigal Son is one of Jesus’ most beloved stories. Yet, we could actually be overlooking the main point of the story.

In this episode, I invite you to listen in on a sermon I preached on Luke 15 and The Prodigal Son. Or should I say Prodigal Sons?

If you are the parent of a prodigal child, this episode can help you understand God’s lavish love for you and encourage you to love that prodigal even more. As you enter into the deep pain caused to the father, it may help you draw new strength to love those that have hurt you. If you tend to be the older brother, type it can also help you show more humility at home toward your family.


Handling Pornography and the Role of Covenant Eyes

Pornography is a demonic parasite on the Christian church and Christian family. Unless we have an active strategy it will infiltrate our lives and homes. In this podcast I talk with Dan Armstrong, Corporate Communications Specialist at Covenant Eyes.

We talk about how prevalent this issue is, what successful churches are doing, and what families can do. Listen in to be educated on this subject.


A Prodigal Teen Repents: An Interview with Travis Rymer

If you are the parent of a prodigal, it can be easy to feel shame, guilt, and regret. We can say to ourselves, “If I had done everything right, he would not have rebelled.” Join me in this episode as I have a conversation with a man who deliberately rebelled in his teen years. Travis does not blame his parents. No, he praises his parents their walk with the Lord. Listen to the heartache they had to go through. And then be dazzled by how God miraculously saved him. This conversation should give hope to parents everywhere.


Admonishment, Peacemaking, and Healthy Church Life

Young people say that the #1 reason they walk away from the faith is hypocrisy in the church.

What is the cause of this hypocrisy and how can we solve it?

In this episode we talk about the missing elements of admonishment, peacemaking, and church discipline. Surprisingly, this is important for a healthy church life and a healthy family life.




Bullying and the Gospel: What’s a Parent to Say and Do?

Bullying is a common childhood problem.

How would you help your child if this happened to him or her? Are Christians always to turn the other cheek? How does the gospel apply?

Listen in as I have conversation with Kevin McKay about the wise way he walked his son through this very problem.

The Most Important Event in History: Six Proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

If the resurrection of Jesus Christ really happened, then it is the most important event in world history. It is the foundational rational proof that Jesus was who he said he was.

Make sure you can articulate the six reasons that Christians know that this event really happened.

What are they?

1. The evidence of the empty tomb.
2. The evidence of the appearances.
3. The evidence of the changed lives.
4. The evidence of Jesus’ predictions.
5. The evidence of the OT predictions.
6. The LACK of any compelling counterevidence.

This is a great episode to listen with your tween or teenager. They need to know that their faith is based on rational evidence.


David and Sally Michael of Children’s Desiring God/Truth 78

I was recently honored to sit down and talk with David and Sally Michael of Truth 78. I hope you enjoy these interviews as much as I did!

In this short conversation, Sally Michael talks about how the ministry started, an overview of the material, and a few stories of how God has used it.

How the ministry started
An overview of the material
A few stories of how God has used the ministry


In Part 2, David Michael discusses

Where God has led his family in the ministry
His heart for sharing the ministry with Pastors
Resources for families to bring the ministry home