Wisdom and Joy

I recently had the privilege of marrying my son to a lovely young woman. As expected, their hearts were full of joy. But the hearts of all four parents were filled with joy as well. When our children make wise choices, we rejoice. I think children need to know that - even from an early age. A wise son makes a glad father,    but a foolish son is a sorrow to his mother. Proverbs 10:1 We are connected. As much as our teens and 20 somethings want to assert a rightful independence, it is important to remind them of something Proverbs teaches over and over. We are connected. Their wisdom will bring us joy and their foolishness will bring us pain. I am not suggesting that [...]

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Interview with Dave Harvey, Part 1: Help for Those Who Love a Prodigal

Prodigal. What comes to mind when you hear that word? For some it may be Jesus’s beloved story of the father and the two sons. But for others, that word may be a son or daughter, husband or wife who has turned their back on the faith. If you are an intentional follower of Jesus Christ, nothing can cause more pain than a child or spouse who suddenly turns their back on the Lord. Perhaps they become secretive and withdrawn. Then their sin comes out. Now there is public rebellion and repudiation. That brings alls sorts of emotions – shame, guilt, hopelessness and fear.  In today’s podcast, we are going to talk with Dave Harvey about his book Letting Go: Rugged Love for Wayward Souls. Dave [...]

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The Lavish Father and His Two Sons

I had the privilege of preaching at Grace Harbor this morning on Luke 15 and the story of the prodigal son. Only, it is not the story of the prodigal son but the story of the lavish father and his two wayward sons. The main point of the sermon was that God's lavish love is meant to lead us to ongoing repentance. 1.Introduction, reading of the text, and comments on the first two stories (00:01) 2.The Young Brother's Self-Indulgence (12:30) 3.The Father's Lavish and Scandalous Love (25:00) 4.The Older Brother's Self-Righteousness (33:00) 5.The Shocking Conclusion (46:30)   Lessons for Parents of Prodigals (and All Parents) 1. The father loved his sons in a lavish and scandalous way. Though we focus on the son(s), [...]