Help! I Caught My Son Looking at Porn – Episode 2

Well, it happened again. I received a call from a church leader I know fairly well that lives in another part of the country. During a routine update of filtering software, he and wife discovered his 16 year-old son had disabled it. In addition, his son had been lying about other things including his schoolwork. Now this was all out in the open and the family was in tatters. Since I could visualize his situation with my friend, I expanded on some similar things I had said in this article to the mother of a younger son. 1. See this as an opportunity to pray fervently for his walk. The first question my friend asked was, “How can you tell if someone growing up in [...]


What Narrative Are We Telling Our Children?

I had a great time learning from Ed Shaw and Sam Allberry at the Living Out Local Course. This ministry is run by and aimed at Christian men and women who experience same-sex attraction. I believe these men and women are living heroes of the faith. Several things bear repeating for a disciple-making parent. Shaw and Allberry asked this question. "What narrative are we telling our young children? Many Christians will marry when they are adults. But not all. Some are eunuchs or make themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom (Matt 19)." The Narrative As parents, if we idolize marriage then our narrative may go something like this to our children. “Someday God will bring the right person along for you. Keep yourself [...]

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Seven Discipleship Objectives for Raising Sexually Healthy Children

If we watch Jesus disciple his followers we see times of formal teaching and informal teaching. There are times when he proactively taught and other times where he taught in reaction to something that had come up. This grid helps me as I seek to disciple my own children. There are things that I hope they will know when they leave home. Some of those things will be taught formally, some informally. Some will be presented proactively and some reactively. There is a readiness that comes in discipleship. We want to transfer information and conviction to our children. Biblical and Healthy Sexuality Nowhere is this more true than the need to communicate biblical truth about biblical and God-honoring sexuality. The entertainment industry, news media and [...]