Bullying and the Gospel: What’s a Parent to Say and Do?

Bullying is a common childhood problem.

How would you help your child if this happened to him or her? Are Christians always to turn the other cheek? How does the gospel apply?

Listen in as I have conversation with Kevin McKay about the wise way he walked his son through this very problem.

Nine Ways Your Church is Changing You for Good


Loving Jesus But Not Loving His Bride?

On his final night, Jesus said All men will know you my disciples if you love one another (John 13:35). To read the New Testament is to read documents that are filled with commands and assumptions that cannot be lived out except in community.

And yet, now comes a study that tells us that numerous Christians love Jesus but don’t like the church. 

While certainly the bride of Christ is not as beautiful as she will be and the body of Christ does not reflect the beauty of its head, to claim to love Jesus and not love his bride is self-deception. Any person who invites me to a party cannot tell me to leave my wife at home. We come […]


The Donut Date Journal 2: Family History Edition


I had just released The Disciple-Making Parent’s Donut Date Journal and it was doing quite well. I was excited about happy parents who were loving this time with their children. Then within one day of each other, I had similar requests. Two different young people each asked their parents:

‘Where is my journal to ask you questions?”

These parents contacted me and essentially said the same thing, “We love The Donut Date Journal. But could you please make one for children to ask questions of their parents?”

“Of course!” I thought to myself. “Why didn’t I think of that before? What a great way for children to show honor to their parents—by learning their parents’ stories!”

As I reflected more, I realized how valuable something like this would be […]


Book Review: Hold on to Your Kids

In Hold Onto Your Kids, (HOYK) authors Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté argue that all children need attachment. If they will not receive that attachment from their parents, they will find it in peers. The job of parents is to press in and attach themselves to their children. If they do this then those children can resist the pull of the teen culture. The book is broken into five parts: The Phenomenon of Peer Orientation, How Peer Orientation Undermines Parenting, How Peer Orientation Stunts Healthy Development, How to Hold On to Our Kids, and Preventing Peer Orientation.

In the first section, The Phenomenon of Peer Orientation, they state that “The gap opening up between children and adults can seem unbridgeable at times.” “The secret of parenting […]

Celebrate Mom Campaign!

Today we kick off our Celebrate Mom Campaign!
We believe that moms are some of God’s hardest working, under-appreciated disciple-makers. Moms, you are not just raising kids, you are discipling the next generation!

In fact, you are a Disciple-Making Mom.

We want to celebrate you and give you a way to help others! Both moms and dads can participate.

This week, for two weeks only, we are offering coffee mugs that will celebrate you all year round.

One side proudly proclaims your calling as a Disciple-Making Mom or a Disciple-Making Dad.

The other side reminds you and your children that you have no greater joy than to hear that they are walking in the truth (3 John 4).

Blessing Other Moms Too
But we not only want to make the moms who know […]


Interview with Family Pastor Tom Burns

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Tom Burns. Tom is the Pastor of Family and Discipleship at Grace Community Church in Spofford NH.

I was encouraged and humbled as I found out how Tom is using The Disciple-Making Parent as a year-long emphasis for all the families in his church.  If you are a family pastor, it is often good to hear from another pastor in your shoes. If you are a pastor of a smaller church you can still gain some ideas that could be useful.

1. Tell us a little bit about your ministry, church, and people you are serving. 0:44

2. How have you used The Disciple-Making Parent in your church? 2:34

3. What are some of the effects you have seen by using this […]


Interview on WARV

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by the local radio station. This short interview gives a good overview of the book.

1. What is it like ministering in a New England city vs other parts of the country? 1:35

2. What is The Disciple-Making Parent about and why do we need it? 4:55

3. What are some ways parents can have quality conversations with their children? 7:00

4. What do you say to men who are uncomfortable talking about their faith? 9:40

5. What do you say to parents who are too busy and have a splintered family life? 12:00

6. Why should people buy this book? 15:30

7. Where can people get the book and what is the free offer? 17:30

8. Why did you name the ministry The Apollos […]


Teens and Sexuality: A Biblical Overview

I recently had the privilege of addressing some earnest and believing teens on the reasons for the Christian faith. As expected, the topic of homosexuality came up. Rather than address the topic with proof texts, I tried to set forth overarching biblical themes. Feel free to use this or forward this email as you see fit. If you would like to email me, just hit reply. In this day and age, we must be ready to talk about this. – Chap

Beginning in the Beginning
Scripture records that God made two people in the garden, Adam and Eve. In many ways they were identical. Each had two arms, two legs, two eyes, and two ears. They could walk independently, eat independently, see independently. All their systems worked well.

But interestingly […]


Love the Ones You’re With – A Sermon on Loving Our Homes

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of addressing my church on the subject of Living the Gospel at Home. You can find the message below.

The text was John 13:31-35

The main point was: The people of Christ display the glory of Christ when they love the disciples of Christ.

The outline was:
1. The Triune God is glorified in the cross and resurrection.
2. The Triune God is glorified in the love of the disciples for one another.
3. The Triune God is glorified in your loving family.
3.1 We want to parent our homes with Jesus in mind.
3.2 We want to parent with God’s Trinitarian glory in mind.
3.3 We want to parent with eternity in mind.
3.4 We want to parent with our holiness in mind.
3.4.1 Your family is […]


Day of Prayer

Dear Friends,

I am asking prayer for The Apollos Project and your church today, September 24th, 2014.

You can pray

Parents will be equipped to disciple their children using The Apollos Project materials or other materials.
Young people will have their questions answered using The Apollos Project materials or other materials.
Churches will have a plan for family discipleship.
God will provide for The Apollos Project financially.

I would love it if you were on my weekly prayer email list. Shoot me an email at chap {at} chapbettis {dot} com  .