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Thankfulness and Gratitude in the NT – A Quick Verse Bible Study

Giving thanks is seen in Scripture as a duty of men and women to the one who gives us all things. It is a fruit of the Spirit and of having a converted heart. The following verses are taken only from the NT and do not begin to touch this rich theme in the OT.

Giving thanks is seen as an offering to God. Read and write out the following verses. How does this change your view of this topic?

17:16-18 What did Jesus do? What was the appropriate response?

4:9  What is happening now in heaven?

13:15 What are we to do? What is it called?

Col 3:17 How do we live this out?

2 Cor 9:12 What was the result of their generosity?

Notice what was on Paul’s mind first […]

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