She’s Not Perfect But She’s Perfect For Me

Listen in as I share my father-in-law's profound little saying that is deeply biblical and may transform your marriage. She’s Not Perfect But She’s Perfect for Me My father-in-law has a profound little saying that sums up a biblical attitude spouses should have toward one another. His saying? She’s not perfect, but she’s perfect for me. Let’s examine the two parts. She’s not perfect. By making this statement, a spouse reminds himself that he married another sinner. Too many partners are biting and devouring each other because they demand perfection. Many a wife has said, “I would have the perfect marriage if I had a more spiritual husband.” And many husbands are saying, “Why can’t my wife be more like this other woman?” We spiritualize the [...]


Patient Parenting Video Series

As I talk with parents of young children, increasingly I find that anger is a huge and hidden problem in the home. Parents know they should not get upset but often feel stuck in a rut. Whenever I mention this project I get lots of nods like, "Yes I need this." I have taught on this a number of time and received positive feedback. At an event, when someone asks me a question about this subject, I have to give a three minute and answer but think, "If only I could explain this more in depth, you would be able to rise above this issue." An individual or small group video series would take this teaching and help numerous families across the country and even [...]


Who Should Discipline? Mom or Dad?

I was recently presenting at a conference and was suggesting that Aaron's son's sins of active disobedience and passive disobedience might have been influenced by Aaron's passivity as a leader. Though parents are certainly not responsible for the choices our children make as adults, we do have some influence over them as we shape their wills growing up. One application of that talk was to strongly suggest that men fight passivity and engage in leading their home and specifically in the area of child discipline. At the end of that talk, one mom asked this question, "I have just come from a talk where the female speaker was urging the women not to be pushovers and put the discipline on the fathers. How would [...]

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One Easy Idea to Change the Negative Atmosphere of Your Home

One Easy Idea to Change the Negative Atmosphere of Your Home As you know, life can be discouraging for our children. It can seem like we are always correcting them. Things don’t always go their way. In addition, family squabbling can also deflate the atmosphere in our homes. What if I told you of one simple trick to change the tone of your house? Sharon and I practiced this consistently around our family dinners and it often provided a much-needed boost. It is the tradition of The Red Plate. As the leaders of our home, we have the power to make it an encouraging place or a discouraging place. In the late 1980’s, when I was a computer programmer, our team had – “The [...]