Gordon College and the New McCarthyism

You may be aware that Gordon College is making national news. This small, liberal arts college in New England is located in sleepy Wenham, MA. It is not an indoctrinating place at all. In fact, its byline for years past was “freedom within a framework of faith” – emphasis on freedom. For many years, it has been a stronghold for theistic evolution. Hardly the home base of fundies. (Full disclosure: my wife is an alumna and I have a child as a student.)

But now it has crossed the PC bullies and finds itself in their crosshairs. Why? Because it has the audacity to keep living by the Judeo-Christian convictions it was founded on.

The heretical conviction is this: if you want to be a part of […]

Boring and Unglamorous, but Effective Ways to Help the Truly Poor

Dr. Jay Richards shares 10 hard, boring, unglamorous ways to really help the poor. If you have a child who wants to help the poor and is entranced with sugar-coated, large government liberalism, this video is required. It is rather long but worth the watch. (HT:BTW – which does a better job of expanding on the points below.)

The introduction itself is quite helpful.

His ten points are:
1. You must have the rule of law.
2. Limit the jurisdiction of government.
3. Implement good systems of property.
4. Encourage economic freedom.
5. Encourage strong mediating institutions between government and the individual.
6. Encourage belief in a purposeful universe.
7. Encourage the right cultural beliefs – like a willingness to save and delay gratification.
8. Make sure there is a proper understanding of wealth- for […]

Why I Don’t Believe in The Apostles’ Creed

UPDATE: Please read the article all the way through. I am not saying that I don’t believe the Apostles’ Creed. Far from it. I do! Our church recites it at times. What I am saying is that it cannot be used to define the gospel of Jesus Christ. So please read the article carefully.- Chap

Ok, it is time to come out of the closet.

I don’t believe in The Apostles’ Creed.

The Apostles’ Creed dates from very early times in the church, perhaps a half-century or so from the last book of the New Testament.

I believe in God, the Father Almighty.
Maker of heaven and earth;
and in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, our Lord.
Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit,
born of the Virgin Mary.
He suffered under Pontius […]

Finding a College Fellowship

I entered my college, 1200 miles away from home, naive about finding Christian fellowship. I felt relief flood my heart as I saw a big banner on the activities night festival displaying, “I am the way, the truth, and the life – Jesus.” That campus group played a huge role in answering my questions and helping me grow.

How can we help our children find group? I just ran across Campus Crusade’s (Cru as it is now called) geographical index. I thought it might be helpful to others. It is not that easy to find. The link is here.

In addition, have you thought with them about where they will go to church? It might be good to settle on two or three choices before the year […]

Three Objectives for Students Going Off to College

Kara Powell and Krista Kubiak have an interesting article (link fixed) about a survey they did with college students who had graduated from their youth group. Their comments with my emphasis in bold.

When students were asked to list the most difficult elements of their transition, the most common responses related to friendships—such as not having friends, not having a community, and not knowing how to make new friends. The second most common answer related to the experience of being alone for the first time and the responsibilities that come with living away from home. The third most frequent responses related to the desire to find a faith community or church. Many students felt they weren’t prepared to seek out such a community and didn’t know how to […]


How Not To Lose Your Faith in College – Wise Counsel from a Pastor

Thabiti Anyabwile has a great article on advice he gives to graduate and their parents. HT: Bauer! Below is my summary with a line or two from his article.

1. Find and join a good church.
Why should someone neglect their spiritual lives for four or more years simply because they’re going to college? Many don’t intend to inflict such neglect on themselves, but that’s what happens when they head off to college with no idea where they will receive regular instruction from the Word, spiritual care and fellowship.

2. Choose your friends with biblical criteria in mind.
Sooner or later, most people come to realize that they need to relinquish their passive approach to friendships. It’s better if we realize it sooner rather than later.

3. At all costs […]

Lost Letter to Wormwood on College Students and Church

Kevin DeYoung has found a “lost” letter from Screwtape to Wormwood about the strategy he needs to keep college students away from church.
Part 1
Part 2 – Encourages the demon to keep college students separate, selfish, and searching. Separate from mixed ages, selfish in putting up with things he or she does not like in church, and searching rather than actually accountable to anyone.

The second letter especially is a good read and good thoughts for your college student.


Around the Web – 20 Somethings

And Then They Are Mine – The Real Agenda of Some Professors – Al Mohler reminds us of the need to forewarn and forearm our young people who head off the college.

Why Aren’t Emerging Adults Emerging – Al Mohler highlights the real cultural phenomenon of 20 somethings who are failing to launch into adulthood. This cultural issue affects the Christian young men as well. What will we do about it? The time to start thinking about it is before they reach this age!

Men Who Are Boys – On a related note, the Act 29 Network posts some thoughts on this issue and challenges the men to become men.


As I come across statistics, I want to post them online for all of us to see. Although we need not fear, as parents we do need to be informed.

Today’s statistic:

The Barna Group reported on those who are in their twenties. They found that only 20% of students “have maintained a level of spiritual activity consistent with their high school experiences.”

The College Student Survey (originally at asked student about their religious commitment as freshmen and then four years later as seniors.  On every type of campus there was a drop in faith.

The numbers of students who no longer claim to be “born again” actually vary depending on the type of school they attend.

Students at public universities drop out of the “born again” designation at the […]