Learned and Become Convinced

///Learned and Become Convinced

Alister McGrath on Doubt and Unbelief

Doubt is natural within faith. It comes because of our human weakness and frailty…. Unbelief is the decision to live you life as if there is no God. It is a deliberate decision to reject Jesus Christ and all that he stands for. But doubt is something quite different. Doubt arises within the context of faith. It is wistful longing to be sure of the things in which we trust. But it is not and need not be a problem.

Alistar McGrath as quoted in Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent and Barbara Hughes

Learned and Become Convinced of – Episode 1

This will be an occasional series in which I report on informal conversations I have had with older young people (teens, 20s, 30s) and record their self-reported spiritual walk. These are different from longer, more formal interviews.  But this will have to suffice for now. Names have been withheld and some details have been blurred to protect privacy.

Time and time again, I hear the echo of 2 Timothy 3;14-15.

A report on a recent conversation:
So tell me some of the ups and downs of your spiritual life.

A: Probably two years ago I just got off the phone with a nonChristian sports friend that had survived a horrible car accident. He said he should have been killed but he wasn’t and I realized that you can go […]