Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks for being so welcoming at the HIM weekend. I had a great time and I hope you did too.
I pray that you received encouragement and motivation to disciple your children in the faith.

As promised, you can find the slides here. Feel free to use them as will help others but please do not post them on the Internet.

The presentation notes are here .

Could I ask your help?

1. Please tell others about The Apollos Project. We want to help parents raise a generation that can stand strong in our anti-Christian culture! I would love to consider equipping your church with a conference.

2. The Disciple-Making Parent is available on Amazon. Please tell others.

3. If you were impacted by the conference, would you take a moment to send a short testimonial that I could send to my financial partners?

4. Finally, I would love for you to hit reply and tell me one parenting or family challenge you are feeling right now. I will respond personally if I can.

I have put you on the email list. If it ever becomes too much you can unsubscribe at any time.

Chap Bettis