Found this tucked away. These principles guided us for years and still do.I think it is original with me. But when I read something as good as this I think I must have stolen it from someone and forgotten to reference. Enjoy!

Family Principles

1. We love, honor and obey Jesus Christ in all that we do:

  • By growing in His Word
  • By worshipping Him with our whole heart
  • By inviting him to be on the throne of our heart during the day
  • By growing in our character

 2. We love, honor and obey Dad and Mom in all that we do:

  • By obeying right away, all the way and with a happy spirit
  • By not rebelling against their authority but appealing to them
  • By not grumbling or complaining but being joyful
  • By listening to Dad and Mom’s wisdom

 3. We love and honor each other:

  • By not getting angry but being patient
  • By not stealing but asking kindly
  • By not arguing with each other but appealing to Dad and Mom
  • By not being selfish but including others
  • By not interrupting but listening

4. We do all the work that God has assigned to us:

  • By doing all the schoolwork for the day
  • By doing all the chores for the day
  • By keeping our bodies, our house and our room orderly

5. We keep ourselves pure:

  • By not letting others entice us into sin
  • By reading and watching only what Dad and Mom would approve
  • By confessing our sins to God
  • By representing Jesus when we go out to public places

 6. We accept the consequences when we fail in any of these area:

  • By learning from the discipline
  • By asking for God’s grace in changing
  • By listening to Dad and Mom’s correction