• The complete package includes everything a speech student could need: the student workbook, the videos subscription, the audios to listen on the go, and our 14 lessons introductory camp.
  • Perfect for the single child family who will be participating for just one year. Includes Student Workbook and a one year subscription to Video Series at a significant savings.
  • Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied has helped thousands share their faith more easily.  Small groups, whole churches, even seminary classes have used this book to equip them to share their faith. If you feel guilty because you are not sharing your faith regularly, this book is for you.
  • The same videos Chap uses in his Apologetics Class are now available to you through this online subscription. The videos are constructed to parallel the Fearless Apologetics Workbook and go indepth on the content of each topic.*You will be asked at check-out to provide the email address you would like to have access to the videos. This is the email we will send your video access password to. For more information visit this page.
  • This guide contains apologetics teaching information, week by week lesson plans, as well as Chap’s teaching notes, all in an easy to follow format – making a difficult topic much less scary! This guide is also designed to follow the same format as the Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook. For more information visit this page.
  • This new spiral-bound Apologetics Student Workbook breaks down all of the new apologetics questions into 24 manageable topics – taking the scary out of apologetics for good! More Information Preview the first few pages of the Fearless Apologetics student workbook HERE. For more information visit this page.
  • The audio lectures from the videos. These are the lectures Chap gives his students every year. Over 9 hours of teaching! Each lecture is from 18-30 minutes. If put on CDs, it would require numerous CDs and an exorbitant cost! Instead, these MP3s are downloadable for you to load to your smart phone or music player. You get 24 lectures for less than the price of an itunes song each! For more information visit this page.