DSC_5712How would you like to hear the accumulated wisdom of a seasoned Christian pediatrician?

Now you can!

Dr. Tom Hines is on the Board of Directors of The Apollos Project and is a pediatrician in Lincoln RI. In addition, he is a long time Christian and father of four grown children.

I sat down with him for an hour and recorded what he had to say. In his easy-going style he addresses all sorts of subjects: fear, media, structure and limitations, boredom and creativity.

Parents, you are going to want to listen to this. Grandparents, pass this on to others.




1:02 – The number one issue within parents: Fear
6:10 – The number one issue parents are dealing with: Technology
16:50 – Specific suggestions for media as well as some surprising medical research
22:35 – The overscheduled family and child
28:07 – The importance of family meals
32:33 – Introducing structure and limitations for little children
42:19 – Crying and your children – you are not a failure!
48:18 – Boredom, creativity, and toys
56:16 – Training your children to sit for a church meeting

I think you will agree with me that the information here is solid gold. Put it into practice and pass it on.

I am honored to have Tom on my board!

If you have other questions you would like to ask him, email me.