Young parents are looking for in-the-flesh guidance from older parents who can present God’s word mixed with life wisdom. Without a plan, they are wandering around, buying into the world’s system. Disunified parenting leads to disunified churches. In this presentation, we will talk about biblical principles, biblical commands and then wisdom applications.

Presentation Outline

Biblical Themes – What does the Bible say about us as parent, our children, and the goal of parenting.

God Speaks – We will walk through Ephesians 6:1-4 and see how God speaks authoritatively to both parents and children.

Wisdom Issues – In this session, we will apply these principles to different age groups. Specifically, we will also talk about discipline.
Wisdom Issues II – An optional session where  we will spend more time talking about discipline.

The Angry Parent – In this optional session we think about how to deal with anger.

Target Audience

This seminar is aimed at parents of younger children. The wisdom application parts can be fine-tuned to the ages of the majority of children.

Possible Formats

Saturday morning through lunch has worked well although it feels rushed. A Friday night-Saturday morning can also work and would be best. The best format incorporates time for the couples to talk with one another and come up with a plan for their family.


Your parents will be equipped to care for their children. They will walk away with a plan for the issues they are facing.


Chap and Sharon have raised four children who are walking with the Lord and have a heart connection. Chap served as a pastor for 25 years and has presented these materials to many groups over the years.

What Others Have To Say
“A day of insight that can have lasting effects on your family.” – Stephanie H.

“There is so much ambiguity in our culture that creates a lot of stress on young parents. Chap and Sharon’s teaching provided great guidance to help us feel equipped about how to parent.” –  Casey B.

“As a father, I am very thankful. I came to reconnect with my wife and to form a united front.” – Richard L.

“We loved the small group engagement as well as the straight-forward biblical approach.”

“I appreciated that your approach is grounded in God’s Word while also recognizing the uniqueness of each child.”

“We will definitely use the Family Principles Poster and the Character chart! Thanks!”