Thanks so much for your support.

You can download a copy of The Disciple-Making Parent here.

The book should be available on Kindle early in April.

And the paperback should be available by the end of the month of April.

But I need your help!

Would you leave an honest Amazon review?

Believe it or not Amazon reviews really are important to other buyers and to Amazon rankings. You dont have to leave your full name. And leaving a review is quite simple. However, you do have to have purchased the Kindle book or the paperbook through Amazon.

As an incentive, I will send the first 50 reviewers a free paperback copy of the book!

So how can you help?
1. Read through this pdf so that you feel comfortable leaving an honest review.
2. Purchase the Kindle version on the weekend of April 8-10 for only 1.99.
3. Leave an honest Amazon review before the paperback launch on April 22nd.
4. Shoot me an email at with your address to claim your paper copy. I will send you a paper copy as soon as they come in.

How to Leave a Review with a Kindle copy.
1. You do not have to have a Kindle device to have a Kindle account.
2. To create a Kindle account on your computer, just google for help if you are a PC user. For an Apple user, just download the app. Or just add the Kindle app to your smartdevice (smartphone, Ipad, etc).
3. Purchase The Disciple-Making Parent.
4. One you have purchased the Kindle version, scroll down on The Disciple-Making Parent page to Customer Reviews. Click the “Write a customer review” button.
5. In the upper right, there is a place to decide what public name you want to use. You can use your real name or change it. I used my first first name and my last initial. (Those of you who know me well know what my first name is.)
6. Decide how many stars to give it.
7. When you start writing the review, it will also give you a place to put a title. You are welcome to put what you liked or did not like as well as summarize the contents. That’s it!
8. Then Amazon compares if you actually bought the product (I guess some people have hired reviewers in the past). When they confirm you have purchased, they put your review up.

That’s it!